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Extensive Understanding Of Construction Litigation Matters

Few investments are as important as those involving property, whether it is a home or business. However, some construction companies don’t follow through on their promises to use quality products or guarantee quality workmanship.

At Lang Law Firm P.C., in San Antonio, our attorneys assist individual consumers, homeowners, small businesses, developers and owners of property who have disputes with or are dissatisfied with their builder, contractor or subcontractor.

Our construction litigation attorneys have experience representing homeowners in cases involving the Texas Residential Construction Liability Act and in construction disputes that are resolved through court, through the Texas Residential Construction Commission claims process, trial or arbitration.

Experience In Handling Construction Litigation Matters

Here are some examples of the kinds of construction law cases our lawyers handle:

  • Construction defects, poor construction and poor workmanship
  • Mold claims, structural defects and foundation claims
  • Water penetration, including roof, window, foundation and plumbing leaks
  • Safety defects and code violations
  • Breach of warranty and breach of warranty of habitability claims
  • Abandonment of construction projects
  • Trust fund accounting

There are certain implied warranties under Texas law, such as the warranty of habitability. Express warranties are also given by the builders.

Damages in a construction litigation case may include repair costs, diminished value of property, additional living expenses, restoration or remediation expenses, loss of use or increased cost of money or interest, loss of benefit of the bargain, expert fees, prejudgment interest, taxable court costs, attorneys’ fees, impairment of homestead rights, being subject to mechanics’ liens and materialmen’s liens, and wrongful foreclosure. In commercial construction cases and residential construction cases, you can also seek relocation costs.

Foundation Claims

No headache is greater for property owners than to discover problems with a building foundation. Cracked walls or ceilings and broken water pipes can be signs of an expensive problem beneath your feet, one that can send property values plummeting.

Our lawyers can evaluate whether you have rights and claims you can assert, if you are entitled to assert such rights or claims under an insurance policy, warranty or the Texas Insurance Code. We regularly handle insurance suits to protect consumers’ rights.

Damage From Water Penetration

Water can penetrate through roofs, through windows that are installed incorrectly or not properly sealed, and through the slab as well. If the foundation isn’t properly prepared or constructed, it can fracture, break or deflect. If there is a plumbing leak under the house, the soil can shift and the foundation undermined. If the soil isn’t properly compacted to begin with, the foundation can move and damage walls, floors and the roof.

Contingent-Fee Representation

Our lawyers handle some construction litigation cases on a contingent-fee system. Under this system, no attorney fees are charged unless we are successful in obtaining a recovery for you. In cases where the law or contract allow, we also seek to recover attorney fees from the opposing party.

Vast Understanding Of Every Aspect Of These Cases

With close to 30 years of experience trying construction litigation cases, Sylvan Lang, Jr. has represented plaintiffs (owners, consumers and developers) and defendant construction companies. Representing both sides has given our lawyers a broader knowledge of the interests of both sides. We know how construction companies defend these cases, and we also know their weaknesses.

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